Wednesday, January 30, 2008

so nick has been texting me. asked me to dinner on tuesday, so i went. we still feel for each other, we established, but both know we cant do this. same, stupid shit. its so hard. and i know. i get it. right person, wrong timing. is that even possible? this cant be love. love is when everything aligns, falls in place, is perfect. i have been thinking of him less and less. he's great man, really great, but i dont feel like he gives enough. i want someone who will sweep me off my feet. i know all his shit, his problems, how he's scared to get hurt again, blah blha, and i feel for him, i completely understand but i just think i want a man, not a coward, i want someone who will risk all that again for me. but i know he's also being realistic. how can we make this work when we're at two different places in our lives? im pretty lucky he let me go. but then again...i dont know....argh....i need to find myself.